As you know, Bolivia has produced good quality and advanced racquetball players. For 20 years now, new players are showing up at the racquetball courts all around the country. Players with enormous talent such as Gustavo Retamoso (La Paz), who became the first player to win medals for Bolivia. He has such amazing control and precision with his shots.

Another player, Leo Sarmiento (La Paz), can hit the ball with both hands with the same amount of incredible power and control. However, his heart and determination was always his strongest asset. And the most incredible thing is he has only one leg! Many people think he could have been the best player in the world.

Ivan Usin, who is from Santa Cruz, is an excellent player with great speed and very good technique. Gonzalo Amaya from Cochabamba is in great physical shape and he plays very smart and safe. He focuses on great preparation and consistency.Osvaldo Antezana who is also from Cochabamba is a player with a powerful and effective drive serve.

Rogelio Medina (La Paz) is a crazy good player. He makes the game of racquetball look easy and beautiful with his amazing shots. Ricardo Monroy from Santa Cruz is the perfect example of psychological, physical and technical preparation. He is still playing and is currently the number 1 player in Bolivia. His talent, perseverance, discipline is the best example for kids all around Bolivia.

Nowadays there are many young racquetball Open players, Jorge Zambrana,Santiago Canedo (He lives in chile),Felipe Mercado,Walter Almendares, Nelson Aguilar, Kadim Carrasco ,Roland and Carlos Keller ,Finally the last promise from Cochabamba Marcelo Vargas (junior) 12 years old and World Junior Champion 2007.

How doesn’t talk about the women, wonderful girls have been playing around the Bolivia , Maria Fernanda Romero (Santa Cruz) many times National champion, she has a extraordinary talent the precision in every shot grate player, Yaque Parada really good player ,She always is hungry to win amazing player and many titles for Bolivia. However I have to mention about grate racquetball players like Carola Loma, Yeny Daza, Yasmin Sabja and Maria Jose Vargas .