The XVI Bolivarian Games (Spanish: Juegos Bolivarianos) were a multi-sport event held in 2009 in Sucre, Bolivia. The competitions in Sucre took place from 15–26 November. A number of Bolivian cities hosted some of the sporting events, including Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Tarija. Also, events were held outside of Bolivia, with Guayaquil, Lima and Quito hosting a number of competitions. The Games were organized by the Bolivarian Sports Organization (ODEBO).
In Racquetball The last version of Bolivarian games in Sucre-Bolivia had a great level and fantastic matches ,players from Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia who played along a week traying to win the gold medal.
Racquetball is groing up and southamerica every time is better than ever!!! congratulations Ricardo Monroy ,Carlos keller ,Jorge Zambrana ,Carola Loma, Yenny Daza and Yasmin Sabja ,The powerful Bolivian Team who won all the gold medals. Bolivia Do not leave the top of the podium Bolivarian last four events.The racquetball was the best showing in the XVI Bolivia Bolivarian Sports Games ,With these results were consolidated as the unbeatable team.