The National Academy of Bolivia has gained momentum around Bolivia, 3 exclusive racquetball academies for players in La Paz, Tarija and Cochabamba with professional level training techniques in teaching the sport, enhancing all areas of play effectively making our players much more competitive by achieving specific objectives within each players game. Some of our recognized players include Felipe Mercado, Jorge Luis Michel, Masiel Rivera, Yesid Bazoberry, Dennis Jimenez , Mario Mercado, Christian Mina, Diego Crespo, Mikaela Molina, Brenda Laime and many many more. All players are training to achieve their best level to qualifier for international tournamentes, Most of them have a common goal “The world Junior Championships” it will be in Canoga Park, California on November . The National Academy of Bolivia announces The International Players As Mauricio (momo ) Zelada Actual Ranked USAR player #20 and IRT#46 and Ernesto Ruiz IRT#95 who they are coming back to Bolivia to compete in different international tournaments they are players of the Academy So we are very proud of this gays ! Keep Going VAmos ACademy!!!